Blue Mount

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Blue Mount is a small hamlet located at Lat 38° 00' 57"N Long 78° 49' 18" W. The heart of Blue Mount is an old Beforetimes brewery where beer was made. The surrounding area has a road that passes through, wooded areas and some open ground where the handful of townsfolk raise some crops for food and trade, and hops and barley for the production of beer.

The area is protected by Sir Segway, a travelling merchant with a fair bit of experience as a fighter. With the aid of a mutant girl named Freya, he was able to rescue several people from the Republic of Walmar at the edge of the Ash Barrens. These people swore allegiance to Sir Segway, and make up the entirety of Blue Mount's population. In exchange for protection, they tend the fields, help brew beer and assist Sir Segway in selling and purchasing wares to travellers.

Blue Mount is also a stop on the route of Bastion Omega's quarterly pilgrimage. However, because of the small population, the settlement is not mandated to pay a tribute for the Tithe.

Notable Locals

  • Sir Segway, AKA John Chapman--Little is known about Sir Segway's true past. He is self-described as a man-at-arms (whatever that means), merchant and purveyor of fine water. Astride his trusty Segway (which allows him to travel even faster than a man can run, provided he has a tailwind!), with his trusty mule Maria at his side, he travels to all parts of the Shadow-Over Valley, picking up salvage for trade and selling water to the thirsty. Remember kids: "Before you die of thirst, see Sir Segway first!"
  • Freya the Beastmaster--An albino mutant girl, Freya has an unusual affinity and connection to animal life. She can befriend anything short of an Otshee Manitou from the Morpheum, and has for companions a wolf named Sirius and a hawk named Kuro. Freya was instrumental in helping Sir Segway rescue the Walmarians and escorting them to Blue Mount. Since then, Sir Segway has given her a standing offer as a guard when he travels for scavenging and trade. Since she is at a point in her life where she is still figuring out what she wants to do, she has stayed on until she comes to a decision about her future.
  • Seven-fingered Bob--Night road guard at Blue Mount. So named because he has seven fingers on each hand. Bob is the night guard for Blue Mount and monitors the road for travelers, bandits and dangerous wildlife. Bob is usually armed with a hand-crafted longbow.
  • Stella Barker--Seven-fingered Bob's mutant mother. Described by Bob as pleasant enough during the day, but a "seething bitch" at night, which is why he pulls night guard duty.
  • Thelonius Bishop--Blue mount's self-taught brewmeister. Literate.
  • Steve--One of the younger people at Blue Mount. Inspired by Sir Segway and Freya's rescue of the Walmarians, Steve has long wanted to volunteer for the Tithe and help the people of the Valley like his two saviors rescued him and the other people from Walmar. His zeal also inspired his younger friend Kenny to compete as a volunteer, but only one could go; they asked Sir Segway for his recommendation, and he suggested Steve should be the one to go.
  • Kenny--Younger friend of Steve, and his training partner. He competed with Steve for the honor of volunteering for the Tithe.