City of the Damned: New Orleans

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Vampire: The requiem returns, but not to Seattle, instead the Big Easy. We are using the Blood and Smoke revision to WoD 2nd edition, with the following changes.

The Kindred

Augusto Vidal Ventrue Lancea Sanctum Prince
Antoine Savoy Daeva Lancea Sanctum Lord of the French Quarter
Baron Cimitiere Nosferatu Circle of the Crone Regent
Philip Moldonato Mekhet Lancea Sanctum Seneschal
Donovan Daeva Lancea Sanctum Sheriff
Father John Marrow Daeva Lancea Sanctum
Natasha Preston Ventrue Invictus
Reynaldo Gui Daeva Invictus
Nathaniel Blanch Gangrel Circle of the Crone Hierophant
Gus "Gutterball" Elgin Nosferatu Lancea Sanctum Master of Elysium
Sundown Nosferatu Unaligned
Pearl Chastain Daeva Invictus
Miss Opal Nosferatu Carthian Primogen
Gabriel Hurst Ventrue Lancea Sanctum Primogen
Coco Duquette Mekhet Carthian Primogen
Pierpont McGinn Ventrue Invictus
Lidia Kendall Gangrel Ordo Dracul
Rosa Bale Ventrue Circle of the Crone
Caitlin Meadows Gangrel Lancea Sanctum disgraced Hound
Peter LeBeaux Mekhet Invictus
Josue Vendredi Nosferatu Circle of the Crone
Dr. Ephram Xola Gangrel Circle of the Crone
Cleavon 'Shep' Jennings Mekhet Unaligned
Carter Landry Mekhet Ordo Dracul Kogaion
Desirae Wells Gangrel Unaligned
Petra Nicholson Daeva Unaligned
Julian Eckhart Ventrue Ordo Dracul
Ruby Drake Mekhet Ordo Dracul
Lucas Brandt Ventrue Unaligned
Harlan Fontenot Ventrue Invictus
Jakob Tallhorse Gangrel Unaligned
Nathaniel DuBois Ventrue Carthian


Jack Boniface
Kevin LaBonnett



Renewal Clinic
French Quarter
Lower Garden District


Dirty Throws
New Image
Uptown Hacks
Blue Spider


The Dead Travel Fast
Danse de la Mort, Part 1: The First Night
Danse de la Mort, Part 2: A Dark New World
Power is a Zero Sum Game