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Future Imperfect Introduction
Future Imperfect: Meet the Actors (Brief introductions for the characters in the examples)
Future Imperfect chapter 1 (The Basics)
Future Imperfect chapter 2 (Building a Hero)
Future Imperfect chapter 3 (Interacting With the Universe)
Future Imperfect chapter 3-B (Physical Conflict)
Future Imperfect chapter 3-C (Psychology, Social Conflict and Fear)
Future Imperfect chapter 4 (Crafting Stories)
Future Imperfect chapter 5 (Skills)
Advanced Martial Arts (Optional Martial Arts System)
Future Imperfect chapter 6 (Edges: Perks and Flaws)
Future Imperfect chapter 7 (Gear)
Future Imperfect chapter 8 (Psionics)
Future Imperfect chapter 9 (Mini Games)
Future Imperfect chapter 10 (Populating the Universe)
Future Imperfect chapter 11 (The Galaxy of Future Imperfect)
Future Imperfect jargon
Future Imperfect Appendix: 1 (Creating Action and Ability Decks)
Future Imperfect Deprecated (Sections or ideas that have been purged from the current rules set)
Future Imperfect Tasks List of tasks needed to make game viable for play.

Future Imperfect is the Space Opera rewrite project currently being advanced by Bruce and me. Maybe at some point, it will be published in some way, either for profit or just for free. The longer we go, the further the rules stray from the initial tidbits. This is a good thing.


Currently, we have two primary contributors. They own the chapter documents. Only the owners should make changes to the actual chapter documents (except corrections of simple grammar errors). As of now, the ownership is as follows:

Jason: Chapter 1, 3, 4 and the advanced martial arts section of chapter 5.
Bruce: Chapter 5, 8 and 9.
Both Jason and Bruce will share ownership of the introduction and chapters 2, 6 and 7.
The jargon section is open to everyone, please contribute and write on it as much as you find necessary.

Invitations for Feedback

Multiple individuals have been invited to provide their feedback on the game in progress. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. It is requested that you use the appropriate discussion tabs to log your comments, and please sign them when possible. Please do not edit the comments of others. Any sort of feedback is valid, but not all feedback will be incorporated. Feel free to say whatever thought you have (this is broken, I find this clunky, this mechanic is awesome etc), but the more specific the better.

Current Work

Bruce and I are meeting every Thursday via roll20 to discuss our progress with the project. Anyone who reads this may comment on any section using the discussion tab on the appropriate section. Each week I will update this section to show which chapters are under active work. This should give any reader an idea what pieces are being refined.

Iteration Ending March 17

Jason is working on Chapters 3 and 4
Bruce is working on Chapter 5 and a psionics system (Bruce has also been distracted by creating a "Chase Scene" mini-game. We'll see how that goes.)

Iteration Ending March 24

Jason will complete editing and formatting Chapters 3 and 4, and have a playable draft of advanced martial arts ready. If possible, editing of chapter 1 can also begin.
Bruce will complete Chapter 5 and have a beta psionics version ready to review. If possible, an attempt at the mini games chapter can be made.
Dieter will join us for discussion

Iteration Ending March 31

Jason will complete editing and formatting Chapter 1, and have a playable draft of advanced martial arts ready (for reals). Also, work on Action/Ability cards.
Bruce will complete Chapter 5 and have a beta psionics version ready to review. If possible, an attempt at the mini games chapter can be made.

Iteration Ending April 11

Jason will complete Action Card rationale page and write a "what is Space Opera" section.
Bruce will finish psionics and then resume chase minigame.

Iteration Ending May 2

Jason will make advanced martial arts "playable", also explain action cards.
Bruce will on minigames, beginning with chase scenes.

Progress Report 5-2

To facilitate a playtest June 9, we need the following sections done:

Building a Hero
Edges & Flaws

Tasks: categories of edges & flaws, edges & flaws, costs for edges & flaws, Costs for species and races, gear list, penetration, armor ablation, breakdown, minigames

Work 5-23

Bruce will continue to work on edges and flaws.
Jason will work on character generation, vehicles and minigames. Will also make a character to battle Sid. Finish the advancement for martial arts also.

Next meeting is Sunday, 5/29 TEST COMBAT!!!