John Riley

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Born in Chicago, Illinois, Reese's real name is unknown; "John Reese" being a pseudonym he assumed at some time prior to late 1978, when he began service in the CIA. Born April 1st 1944. Little else is known about his early life. He describes himself as having no friends and no family.

It is known that in 1963 John joined the U.S. Army to avoid a jail sentence, where he served as an Infantryman, Ranger (75th Ranger Regiment) and Special Forces soldier with the 1st Special Forces Group (Green Berets), before discharged as a Sergeant First Class after 10 years of service. He was stationed last at Fort Lewis, Washington in 1971.

CIA Recruitment

After his discharge from the Army, he was approached by Charles Young with an offer to join the CIA to continue to serve his country. After his initial training, he proved to be an effective wetwork specialist. The training took him through September 1976.

During the Soviet-Afghan War, John was tasked to assassinate a local Soviet leader by using a large explosive charge. The location chosen was going to be in a collection of buildings, one of which housed a family. John made the situation decision to place the bomb in another location. As a result, the leader, Gely Markizova, was only injured, and the area was not destabilized. Upon returning to the handler, he was "Burned". Being disavowed, he was given the choice to have no status and lose his holdings or, with discretion, join the Morrow Project. His cover was that he is "John Christian Riley"; a brewer and vintner.

John went cold on November 25th, 1982.


After the Rise

"I am unsure how long I have been down, but I am sure it was not the 50 or so years...."

John awoke to systems failing. Several units had failed. Root systems had invaded the bolthole. The computer was down. There were robots, mutants, and scavengers. His first day warm was shocking, but he checked his shock and focused on the mission... Is there still a mission?

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