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This is my favorite character ever. He was part of the Forged in Steel chronicle presented in the back of the Vampire main book. Ill probably write pages and pages about this in the near future.


Klaus was born in 1419 in Prussia. He was always a slight child, standing only 5'4 and weighing 125 pounds at adulthood. When he was 10 he was mercilessly tormented by an older boy named Horst. Partially because of this, and partially because of the lack of good local schooling Klaus was sent to Poland for school. After completing his studies he began work as a scribe. He got a job in the University library transcribing various kinds of written works. After a few years of tedious labor he met Borovski.

They became friends quickly, and spent much time discussing everything from politics to philosophy. As time went by they became even more kindred spirits. After 10 years Borovski reavealed his true nature.

At first Klaus was shocked, even horrified. They were isolated for a few years. It was difficult to relate to his friend knowing how different they really were. But, of course, Borovski had a solution. Join him, become as he is, a Ventrue.

This was a turning point. Did he really want this? On the other hand, could he turn his back on something he just learned existed? His curiosity was certainly piqued, yet none of this made any sense. It took months to reach a decision.

The Embrace

The speculation in his head drove him wild with curiostity. Was this real? If it was, what else has been hidden from me all these years. It was a dark and rainy November evening when Klaus walked the steps to Borovski's keep, resolved to accept the invitation. His trembling hands clutched the pack of quills, ink and paper he refused to leave behind. They were the link to who he had always been. But that wouldnt change. No, it couldnt. And think of all the books he could read!

The embrace was nothing like he envisioned. It hurt. A lot. The panic in his chest made his eyes roll back into his head. Desperately his heart tried to move blood that was no longer there, anxiety raced sheer panic through his brain until the moment he awoke new, coppery blood on his lips. This new sweet ecstacy worth every bit of pain.

The year was 1454.

Childe Klaus

As was tradition he could not be introduced on his own into society for many years, and Ventrue law required at least 50 years. He often accompanied Borovski to this camarilla of which he spoke, yet he was not allowed to participate in any way. They frequented the same night spots, yet everything was different. Even though he was no longer alive, his existence was somehow more vibrant.

Borovski taught him what he knew of vampiric abilities. Most came easily to Klaus, but he disregarded them in just as frivolous a manner. He could just learn it again later if he needed. The heady triumph of discovering things anew was all that was necessary. After the 50 years he was released, but things didnt change much. They were still inseparable friends.

A European Adventure

The world was changing, and outside of his hometown in Prussia and his adopted home in Cracow he had seen little of the mortal world. Warsaw was now Polands capital. The Portuguese beheaded their king. The black death raged Europe. None of that concerned him, however. It was his time to see the things he had only read about.

As a young man Klaus was exceedingly patient, and this was instrumental in his tour of Europe. Not a year, not ten, but over one hundred years were spent in various cities large and small. When it was finally time to leave Europe for the new world the year was 1707.

The New World

In Europe Klaus was a neonate, barely a journeyman. The wars of the kine were now ravaging the political climate of the kindred. The camarilla of old was becoming the new governing body. No longer was it a ventrue club, but now every clan claimed membership. Opposing them were the new Sabbat movement. The world was truly upside down, and it would be almost 70 years before the kine would write that they have realized such.

Klaus made his home in Philadelphia, a bustling new settlement he made his own. He was instrumental in the founding of libraries and universities, and it was natural for him to be the Ventrue representative on Philadelphias primogen. He was still very fond of human pursuits, and had no designs on kindred leadership. The Prince knew this, and was able to easily manipulate him for his own gain. Klaus paid him no mind.

The British Are Coming!

It was 1776 and the war for independence was young and strong in the minds of kindred and kine alike. Klaus found himself in awe of the speaking prowess of the likes of Patrick Henry and the incredible ideas of Alexander Hamilton. But not the prince, he was a Tory. When the British marched on Philadelphia Klaus fled, vowing to return and to finally square the debt with the Prince. He was not a fool, well at least he wasnt anymore.