Lost Tales of Runners Fore

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Lost Tales of Runners Fore is the first test campaign for Future Imperfect. It is a Space Opera style pulp adventure in the Indiana Jones in Space vein.

The Crew

One of the driving forces in Future Imperfect is the idea of impetus. The crew impetus, that is shared by all members, is as follows:

I have screwed up before, and I cant afford that again. Somehow, some way, this mission needs to be a success.

How Did I Get Here?

Each player needs to determine what the nature of those past transgressions are. It is important to give thought to how your Hero got here, how is he connected to the others, and what drives him to choose this mission.

Who Are They?

The crew of the Bedeviled Coterie are as follows:

Amir as...Captain Fredrick DeGroot
Dieter the Bold as...Flight Officer Sssslith
Rumi as...Chief Engineer Cal
Thor Forerunner Expert Tarod
Jason as...Mining Specialist Daz Barker
Bruce as...Security Officer Hannibal Jung

Astrogator Irkalla Serras (Human Female)
Tech Akash Hatosh (Mekpurr Male)
Tech Sebastian Hemsler (Human Male)
Purser Uthali Chensikyaar (Ursoid Male)

Servo-Mek Niles
Heavy MechTech Mek Per

The Setting

The galaxy is described in more detail here: Future Imperfect chapter 11. The exact location of the first scenario is

The Mission

The Crew will run their own ship, details of how it is acquired to be revealed in the first session. It would be difficult if not impossible to make a consistent living on artifact hunting alone. Therefore, other avenues for compensation should be considered. More on that discussed on the ship creation page:

Bedeviled Coterie


In the past we have done well at documenting games, and I hope to get back to this. I want to motivate myself to do so, but also hopefully the players will also participate. This will be the location to record sessions. Since Bruce and I will both GM this game, each arc will be its own "season".

Season One

Hello There...Goodbye