Memorable Quotes and Moments

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Elemental: (to police chief, who thanked them for their good work) "That certainly isn't going to help Viho's colossal ego." (or something like that...)

CyberJesus: "I'm so sick and tired of this bullshit Thomas Kinkaid police state!"

Ashbury: "I grow plants that may or may not be used for pharmaceutical purposes"

Ed/Aefra: "I use Seduction on the baby"

Ed/Aefra: "the baby falls in love with Galen and tries to seduce him" (now a 4 year old)

"Galen, you're wearing a dress." "Yes, but I still look better in it than in you do in your clothes."

(While discussing making an impromptu sonic weapon to fight Chryssalids):

Marie: "I read the ancient Chinese would execute people by fitting a large drum over their heads and pounding on it until their heads exploded." (speaking about the scientific principle involved)
Brock: "I don't think a Chryssalid is gonna hold still long enough for us to do that."

Fayth: Do you know where you are?
Douglas: Standing in front of a house of GOD!

Shillelagh [Sarcastically raises his glass of stout, purposefully splashing a little on the table of the Russian mobsters]
Russian Mobster: Pff. Typical drunken American.
Vic: [Grabs a beer bottle off their table and takes a swing, luckily missing] What'd you say about America, you fuckin' Russkie bastard?!
Shillelagh: [Grabs Vic and pulls him away] "You'll have to excuse my friend. I was trying to be a little bit rude. He went over the top there."