Seattle By Night

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This page is concerning the recent Vampire: The Requiem game we played on Friday evenings via Roll20. If you played in this game and have something to add, please do. Eventually, I would like to utilize this: Crimson Dusk

The Kindred

Genevieve Harcourt Mekhet Lancea Sanctum Prince
Liam Daeva Lancea Sanctum Seneschal
Garret Kleiser Daeva Lancea Sanctum
Chester Wilhelm Bogdonavich IV Mekhet Lancea Sanctum Priscus
Simeon Blade Gangrel Invictus Priscus
Vincent Nosferatu Invictus
Natasha Preston Ventrue Invictus Priscus
Harlan Fontenot Ventrue Invictus
Sam Etheridge Nosferatu Carthian Priscus
Semmy Kleist Daeva Carthian
Lech Czarnecki Gangrel Carthian
Donnie Abramowicz Nosferatu Carthian
Penn Bourbon Daeva Carthian
Nathaniel 'Endy' DuBois Ventrue Carthian
Elena Kasparova Mekhet Ordo Dracul Kogaion
Mike Smith Mekhet Ordo Dracul
Xavier Mekhet Ordo Dracul
Lucas Brandt Ventrue Ordo Dracul
Velma Diaz Mekhet Ordo Dracul
Jakob Tallhorse Gangrel Circle of the Crone
Ambrose Nosferatu Circle of the Crone
Jericho Gangrel Unaligned
The Eye Daeva Unaligned Sheriff
Rafael Pope Daeva Unaligned Priscus
Jacqueline Speirs Gangrel Unaligned
Little Jim Nosferatu Unaligned

The Arkwright Haunts


The Clans

Each of the five clans has members in Seattle. Each member has their status, blood relationships and an abbreviation of their covenant noted.


The Mekhet are arguably the strongest clan in the city. Its membership includes the current Prince as well as two PCs.


Genevieve Harcourt, elder LS
Simone, childe of Genevieve CoC
Chester Wilhelm Bogdonavich IV, childe of Genevieve LS
Elena Kasparova OD
Mike Smith, childe of Elena Kasparova OD
Xavier, childe of Elena Kasparova OD
Velma Diaz, OD


With the recent awakening of Rafael Pope, the citys Daeva population has been bolstered immensely.


Liam, elder LS
Gabe I
Rafael Pope U
Garret Kleiser, LS
Semmy Kleist, C
Penn Bourbon, C
The Eye, Sherrif, U


The weakest clan in Seattle, for unknown reasons. However, the New Orleans Exodus of 2010 has significantly bolstered the ranks of the Ventrue in the city, though most of the new blood is relatively young.


Poor Old Willie, elder LS
Dennis, I
Natasha Preston, I
Harlan Fontenot, I
Lucas Brandt, OD
Nathaniel 'Endy' DuBois, C


Seattles Gangrel hold influence over a wide range of ventures in the city and surrounding area.


Simeon Blade, elder I
Jericho, childe of Simeon Blade U
Jacqueline Speirs U
Jakob Tallhorse, LS
Lech Czarnecki, C



Petrovsky, elder I, deceased
Sam C
Vincent I
Little Jim I
Donnie Abramowicz, C


Much of the city politics is covenant, rather than clan, driven. The current political landscape is driven by conflict which expresses this dichotomy of clan versus covenant.

Lancea Sanctum (LS)

Led by Genevieve, and boasting 4 members including 2 other clan elders, the Sanctified are not to be trifled with. They have held the office of Prince as long as there has been one in Seattle. They are not without scandal, but there has been peace for many years under their leadership.

Invictus (I)

Under Simeon Blades guidance the Invictus have grown in number and influence over the years. Their covenant is the only one nearly as populous or powerful as Lancea Sanctum.

Circle of the Crone (CoC)

Simone is the only member, so it isnt much of a political faction, more of an ideological stance.

Carthians (C)

Again a covenant of one, Sam puts his ideals to work in the realm of the kine and rarely plays political games within kindred society.

Ordo Dracul (OD)

As an organization based on knowledge, research and self discovery, the Dragons politic mostly to ensure their ability to do what they believe is not hampered. Elena is clever, however, and does what is necessary to ensure they have strength to take what they need and hold what they have.

Unaligned (U)

Jericho and Jacqueline stay out of covenant politics for their own reasons. Rafael Pope has recently awakened from torpor and is likely to end up in a covenant sooner or later, or even create one of his own devising.


Each of the kindred in the city maintains his own domain, generally discussed on their own page. Outside of the city Washington is made up of 6 separate domains: Seattle, Tacoma, Everett, Yakima, Spokane and everything else. The Prince of Seattle maintains domain over all of Seattle proper, plus east to Issaquah, north to Snohomish County, west to the water and south to Federal Way.

Tacoma By Night
Everett By Night


Seattle has a rich artistic tradition and many areas of elysium. Besides the SAM, Pike Place Market is also an area of freedom.

Current Politics

After the feud between Simone and Petrovsky blew up, and Blade strong-armed Genevieve into declaring blood hunts on them both, war between the Invictus and Lancea Sanctum seemed inevitable. So far, an uneasy stalemate is limping along, threatening to die at any moment.

Other Personalities

Katerina Prochazka
Elizabeth Masters
Mike McDavid
Milhous Clemons



Story Recaps

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