Space Opera

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Everyone except Dieter has played in this. We could revive it at any time and everyone would understand the setting well. We can also do one shots in Against the Kyr.

Previous Characters

Antares Darkeye, notorious space pirate
Hrulfgarr Ericksonn
Sher Khan
Ryssh K'Toaah
Harry Greenhill
Landon Sol
Jean-Bart Colard

Previous NPC's

Benjamin Hadaad
Braxton Gerrish
Dmitri Kopalev
Hol Giamata
Darius Rucker XXC
Sinjin Kabalek
Mac Scorpio

The Action

The game begins on the Habra Dahl, a seemingly normal Hyperion class patrol Corvette.

New Space Opera Idea

Inspired by the conversation with Dieter last week, I have a new Space Opera idea. This would involve the characters as the crew of a small ship spanning the galaxy searching for Forerunner sites and, well, there is no other way to say it, looting them. These 'phat lootz' can then be sold to the highest bidder, or contacts the players have. The game would be based on an Indiana Jones style, doing some research, following up on some rumors, and then finding what is there. The players can be as close to legal as they want. Commerce may or may not border on smuggling. I think this could be very interesting.

--Gdaze-- I actually think this sounds like fun. I'd like to see standard technology a little bit more... confirmed. But otherwise yeah, sounds like fun. What I like it is that it seems to have some dungeon crawling, some research, most likely lots of dealing... I mean we gotta unload the stuff and I'm guessing... that isn't always as easy as it seems since everyone likes Forerunner tech.

--Jason 16:34, 2 February 2007 (MST)Eventually we should put this back in the queue, I think that now that almost everyone knows the universe well enough, once we establish a few tech ground rules, like you mention, we could very easily get this off the ground quickly.

--Matts 18:57, 2 February 2007 (MST)I would be sold on this idea in a minute if it were the Firefly-style 'space western'.

Im making a new page for this: Indiana Jones in Space