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What could be nerdier than Star Trek roleplaying? If we ignore larping, probably nothing. I have played in a couple incarnations of this in the long time agos. It was never very successful, but, then again, back then not many campaigns were. I dont envision this as a campaign right now. I just have a ton of published adventures and after taking a cursory look at them, many look pretty good. I dont want to do any extended GMing, but I can do a one off or short arc from a published campaign.

The Setting

This will need to be determined by the PCs. Would they prefer original setting, TNG, or some remote area? Beyond that, what scope of adventure to the PCs want? Do they wish to be the department heads of a large ship, lower ranking away team members, or the entire complement of a small science vessel?


What roles do players want? What era do the players most enjoy? Discuss that here.

Starship Crew

Would the players like to crew a starship? If so, what kinds of missions? What positions do players like?

Starbase Personnel

Whether or not you like DS9 its an excellent setting for a game. It allows an excellent mix of espionage and intrigue, of course it isnt mobile.

Game Systems

What follows is a list of the possible game systems I have available.

FASA Original ST RPG

This comes in two versions and a revised second. I have all three. It is the one setting that diverges from the canon because it was developed during a time when there was no television series and limited movies. It is interesting and varied, but not adaptable well to Next Generation.

Prime Directive

This was the next attempt at creating a ST rpg, coming out in the early 90s. This game postulates that it makes no sense that high ranking officers put their lives in danger on away teams. This game assumes everyone is member of a 'Prime Team', specially trained away team personnel.

Last Unicorn ST RPG

This came out a few years ago and supports all phases of the canon. I even have a DS9 main book as well.

Decipher ST RPG

This is the most recent addition to the world of gaming, and also supports all phases of the canon.

Session Reports

Well folks, we finally tried this shit out and it went pretty well. I am not certain it has long term campaign potential, but at the very least it is worth documenting for posterity. Who knows, if nothing else we might get another one shot in someday.

And if by "one shot" we meant one of the longest running campaigns - Star Trek: The Triangle Missions