TMP Bolthole Victor-Yankee-Zulu

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Bolthole VYZ housed a 12-person TMP Recon Team. Their primary missions would have involved scouting the urban areas of Charlottesville, Harrisonburg and Roanoke, VA. Secondary objectives would include riverine operations in and around the Shenandoah Valley area; gathering water quality samples for Science teams when they made it to the area and mapping current waterways for comparison with pre-war maps. Tertiary objectives included scouting the areas of Richmond and Washington, D.C., if either of those cities survived the initial bombardment.

Team VYZ was interred on November 25th, 1982. They received at least two major equipment upgrades before the war. The first was the introduction of the TMP Rejuvenation Serum. This potent treatment was shown to greatly enhance subject survival by speeding cellular division within injured tissues. It was given on a priority basis to teams located near areas that were likely to be targeted by enemy nuclear weapons. The regenerative capabilities of the serum would also protect these personnel from accumulated doses of radiation that they were likely to encounter.

The second upgrade was a general equipment overhaul, bringing the team's gear in-line with the 2010 equipment specs of the Project. In addition to the equipment overhaul, this bolthole was issued an ABLE prototype robotic AI.

This bunker's location was Lat. 38.013090, Long. -78.865300.