The Enemy Within Campaign

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This is my grand idea, finally coming to fruition, of playing both iterations of the classic Enemy Within campaign, with the same group of players. We will begin with the third edition WFRP, produced by Fantasy Flight.

The Old World

Map of the Empire
Map of Averheim
Map of Averland

The Empire Pantheon

Sigmar Heldenhammer, Patron Saint of the Empire.
Rhya, The mother goddess.
Taal, God of nature and wild places.
Ulric, God of battle, wolves and winter.
Manaan, God of the seas.
Morr, God of death.
Myrmidia, Goddess of war.
Verena, Goddess of knowledge and justice.
Ranald, The trickster.
Shallya, Goddess of healing and mercy.

The Gods of Law

Alluminus, God of light.
Solkan, The Avenger.

Non-Human Deities

Esmerelda, Halfling goddess of the hearth and home.
Khaine, Elven god of murder.
Asuryan, The Phoenix, Elven king of gods.
Hoeth, Elven god of wisdom and knowledge.
Grungni, Dwarf god of mining, smithing and forging.
Grimnir, Dwarven god of warriors and slayers.

Other Gods

The Horned Rat

The Ruinous Powers


Take One, 3rd Edition

Two years after the disastrous Third Battle of Black Fire Pass, Averland still has no elector count. In the capital city of Averheim criminal activity is on the rise as at least three noble families jockey for the electorship. The Empire is a dangerous place, could it be that happenings are conspiring to make it even more deadly?

The Protagonists

Wickman, outcast mystic from Marienburg.
Hans, foreign messenger and bounty hunter from Marienburg.
Agnetha Semmel, Initiate of Myrmidia & academic of the Sun Society. Originally from Wissenland.
Ricten, battle-scarred soldier from The Empire.
Gerlach, criminal grave robber from area.

Important NPCs

The Black Cowl, myserious underworld figure
Konrad Mauer, Luminary, Light Wizard
Marcus Bauerfast, Captain of the Averheim militia.
Clothilde von Alptraum, Local Gravin of the von Alptraum family
Giselbert, guardian of Clothilde
Friedrich von Kaufman, Graf and candidate for elector
Theodosius von Tuchtenhagen, candidate for elector of Averheim
Marlene von Alptraum, matriarch of the von Alptraum family. Known affectionately as the Iron Countess
Adele Ketzenblum, witch hunter
Fredrick Grosz, racketeer
Margerete von Aschenbech

Minor NPCs

Curd Weiss, Averheim factor for Red Arrow Coaches
Leo Hairfoot, Halfling chef in Averburg
Adolphus, boat merchant running between Nuln & Averheim, victim of arson for refusing protection payments to the Black Cowl
Harriman Family, wandering spice/medicinal procurers
Tristran, Zealot of Sigmar at the Averheim Temple
Lothar, Lector of the Averheim Temple of Sigmar
Henriette, Head Priestess of the Averheim Temple to Shallya
Pieter Harkon, Disciple at the Averheim Temple to Shallya
Einer, bartender at Journey's End

Deceased NPCs

Hermann Halmeier, deceased Averheimian racketeer, suspected victim of the Black Cowl
Ute, busker frequenting the docks, found in the tannery

The Story So Far

Shadows Over Averheim