To Trek Again

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We have braved The Triangle. Thrilling intrigues colored Starbase 27. this enough? Because of various logistical reasons neither of those games continue on a regular basis. Each passing day I find myself watching more Trek, getting more interested in scenarios in the universe. Can we recapture the magic?

A New Series

If we were to start a new series, what would it be? There are many questions to be answered, and many possible answers. Each section has a myriad of questions which we could discuss to develop a new and unique idea. This idea constantly bounces around, and it seems that none of us have slaked our thirst for the heady wine that is Trek, yet we cannot spin the web necessary to get an idea moving. Or at least, we have not yet. Here we are again, and hopefully we can produce real results.

A Time, A Place

When would the game be set? I believe there are only a few reasonable answers to this, though other suggestions are welcomed. Here are my ideas:

Post Enterprise: After the original five year mission, the Federation was formed. Everything is new and different.
Original series: Kirk was not the only captain leading a mission. Klingons, Romulans, Andorians...everyone is an enemy!
Next Generation: The galaxy is more stable, but the enemies more dangerous.
Post Deep Space 9: After the last movie and series, what happens next? Can we write the future of the Federation?

It could be possible to do intermediate years (such as between TOS and TNG), but somehow those seem more difficult. If someone has an idea, however, I am amenable.

How about where? There are virtually limitless options for this, but I propose the following: unexplored space somewhere, another ship in the triangle, one of the other Federation borders, some setting related closely to one of the missions listed later.

--Dieter the Bold 05:55, 15 November 2013 (MST) I could do a Post-Enterprise setting or from TNG onwards. I couldn't do an Original Series setting. Not without a lot of discussion about how to get in that mindset. It's kinda' like the 70s, for me.

And Who Stars Amongst The Stars?

It is not a given that the series be another Federation series. We could run a Federation series, but might it not also be interesting to try a Romulan, Klingon, Cardassian or Maquis series? What if it is not a government starship? The series could be about traders, pirates, spies, thieves or even wanderers.

--Dieter the Bold 06:51, 15 November 2013 (MST) A Maquis series would be really interesting. A good mix of intrigue and action, a very small and tight knit crew, tons of huge moral decisions. A Klingon ship during the Civil War would be a fun one. Throw in a mechanic for gaining honor and have an overrarching theme be competition against another ship/house. Playing a game of paranoia and backstabbing as a Cardassian crew of mixed democratic rebels and government loyalists set against the Maqui and Federation would be very interesting.

The Mission Which Ties Them

Why are you here?

This is not an existential question. There are limitless possibilities, but here are some initial suggestions: exploration, colonization, conquest, patrol, espionage, scientific discovery.

Who are the crew? Are you the command staff, junior officers, archaeologists, Prime teams?


Please...share them! Want to be founders? Lets hear it.

After talking with Dieter after Rumi left last night I came to two separate realizations. The first was, I need to challenge myself, to push myself, to get more done. To that end, I want to get 10 different series ideas somewhat fleshed out. So here is where I will place them.

The second may be even more important. When we started the Triangle game, I bet had I asked everyone for a description of the Star Trek game they wanted to play, that would not have been what was suggested. Yet, when we got to the table and implemented it, what grew was one of the best games of the last few years. It was not because of the setting or enemies or plot or anything, yet each of those things contributed. What The Triangle provided was a setting where we could face any enemy without needing to fly all over the galaxy. It kept continuity intact each week, without needing to know who the enemy would be. The intrigue and politics were interesting, but not overwhelming. We were also very fortunate that the initial scenario led to some really well conceived action, and also everyone was pretty much in character immediately, and the game flowed organically. Then we also had some really interesting PC and NPC interaction. We could not have known this from the beginning, not without trying it first. So really, maybe we do not need to try too hard to make it 'just right'.

Here are my proposals:

Et tu, Maquis?
Coming Of The Federation
Boldly, We Go...
Another Time, Another Trek
Shattered Peaces
Trek Prime
Privateers and Gentlemen
Starship Couriers
The Exchange Program
Gamma Quadrant Scouting Party
Unimatrix Refugees


We have used Decipher exclusively for our previous Trek games, but we could try Last Unicorn, of even FASA. We could use Prime Directive and be Prime teams, or even GURPS Prime Directive. We could use another system and attempt a more 'game' atmosphere, instead of the narrative structure of our previous games.

Fate, the final frontier. Ok, ok, I couldnt resist. Currently I have two versions of Trek written up in each flavor of Fate: Star Trek Fate and To Boldly Go. I think Fate could be the ideal choice given how the special abilities, or Aspects, work. If we can all grasp the fate point economy, and embrace the idea, I think we can do a great job with this.

Additionally, I would like to build some 3d props (bridge, engine room, shuttle bay etc) and get appropriate minis for both personal and starship combat. Action has been kind of weak in our previous games. We have basically swept the fights under the rug. This is an opportunity we have missed. Maybe with the right props we can embrace this part of the game.

--Dieter the Bold 06:56, 15 November 2013 (MST) I'd stick with the "CODA system" from Decipher. I think it works pretty decently. I'd also be open to differently balanced characters (i.e., more advancements for characters that were focusing on certain roles).


We have had some discussions about this lately, I think that we have gotten away from the fundamentals of roleplaying. Initially, when I spoke about trying to recapture these skills I mentioned a fantasy setting, but I also think we could accomplish the same goals with a setting as familiar and dear to us as Star Trek.

The Fundamentals

The things I believe we need to focus on are in character interactions and descriptions. In the past my strengths as a GM have been mostly with plot and an occasional important interaction. I am very susceptible to lapses in mood and screwing around. If we concentrate on being more consistent in this regard, and slowing the pace down, I think we could improve all of our games and gaming in general.

On the subject of in character interactions, I think part of why we dont do as much of it as we could is that we are heavily concentrated on achieving goals rather than building character and setting. If we try and spend time on back story and building PC/NPC relationships each session, we can build habits that will carry on to all of our games. If we try and do as much in character roleplaying, and limit distractions, I think we can be more effective at building deep and interesting worlds.