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Tithe | Of Amor, Armor, and Alchemy

Christopher Steps-Forward | Werewolf - A conflict-resolving, storytelling Gurahl (werebear) who is passionate (some might say obsessed) with game theory, puzzle-solving, and all matter of mystical/cultural/ideological intricacies (i.e., socio-cultural norms, rites & ritual, and long-lost secrets).

See Talk:Werewolf_Characters for some more information.

Tristano (di Miragliano) | WHFRP Reboot - Somewhat notorious as philanderer in Miragliano, Tristano considers himself a devoted lover of love and empiricism. He was a student of the famous Leonardo di Miragliano, and has exhibited considerable ingenuity in the Engineering Sciences, especially those involving gunnery and various explosive powders.

BrimStone | Super Heroes - A Brazilian-American Archaeologist of ostensibly African ancestry. In tracing back the roots of his people - by focusing on the material record of their traditions of sorcery - he discovered that his bloodline was tied to a distant, fire-ravaged plane he has christened 'Brim'. Through careful study, Stone has been able to awaken his atavistic potential and both travel to and gain control of parts of this plane. In practical terms, this means that Stone is able to disappear and reappear in clouds of smoke (by traveling to Brim and back), pull flames from Brim to smite his enemies, and summon denizens of Brim to fight at his side.

Inspector LaPlace

Timoth Mirim | Mass Effect - A human engineer, Timoth is highly skilled at reverse-engineering alien technology, and is really interested in attempting to reverse engineer Prothean tech.


Shadowrun OneShot(s)

(1) Guttersnipes! - A series of events based in the Shadowrun world and surrounding a group of young wannabes just tryin' to get by in the Seattle barrens.

(2) Guttersnipes!: Movin' On Up - The next installment featuring our young wannabes, now based in Council Island.


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