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Characters: Neba - Monk of Anubus, master of stealth and kicking major ass.

Senju - Was chosen by one of the 3 armors of Senju, was proven unworthy.

Walker - A tokin Native American who could turn to stone.

Sher Khan - Duke of the Zenra family. Very good with laser swords but ran off to help richer parties.

EoD (AKA Harry Greenhill) - Engine of Destruction, he had been chosen at a young age to be entered into this experimental program. His body had been moded with advance cybernetics, one of the goals of this project was to fight The Authority. A group run by the space nazis. Very good fighter!

"Taco Bell" - Queen of the net! She was a expert hacker who thanks to her teammates, had a very powerful computer that made the net her bitch.

Robert - A young man who after being turned on by the Empire he served, started going down a dark and violent path. Current location or status unknown.

Magnus Winter - A noble of the winter house. He likes adventure but may have gotten into something he can't handle now!

Sarah Windfall - A machanic in a PA world. She loves knowledge and now even has a cybernetic eye! She has a pet robot who is sitting on a horde of cigs!


These Things I Believe



Game Ideas:

Gods of the After

Fantasy Hero Ideas - Since Lee posted his, I just wanted to post all of mine into one place!

Steampunk - My steampunk world based of the OGL steampunk book.

Ravnica - Musing notes to myself, also so I can read at home what I think of at work. This IS NOT meant to take away from current fantasy setting.

Gears and Tears

Heroscape Campaign

Sci-Fi Game

Set Sail… For Adventure!

Not Fallout

Mass Effect

After The 7 Days

Sandbox Type Exploration Game

One Shots:

It Takes a Town - Can the characters save their town from a giant?

Spoil Sport - On an inter-galatic trip something goes wrong...

An Unforgettable Party - A one shot idea, it would use the WHFRP rules.

The Lonely City


Some other one shot ideas I had using WHFRP (and set there as well). Note that all of these are just ideas I'm tossing around for if we don't have a game ready, and assuming people are interested.

Pound Cake - Characters work at,own, part of, etc, a local bakery in a large Imperial city. Lately the area has been having problems with press gangs, its time to take action. (Pre-Chosen careers, some advancements taken but others taken by characters, could be a lotta fun, odds are stacked against characters.)

Corruption Bound - The characters are part of a Chaos cult, or trying to become a member of one. Not exactly sure of the goal but most likely to smuggle out an artifact of power, steal an artifact of power, get a certain person or persons to join, or assassnate someone. Most likely it would be a cult of Tzeench.

Slaps and Shots - Characters are part of a noble house that has fallen out of favor. The goal, to make fools out of their rivals at a festival set to start in "x" days.

Other one musings. Just some other stuff bouncing around in my head.

Mass Effect - I like the verse, good standard Sci-Fi world with fairly well defined tech and races. Lots of room for adventure and such.

Alien Invasion - Yikes, Earth is being invaded! The characters will have to find a way to survive or find out just what is going on.

God Inc. - Humanity, having finally gone to the stars, take it upon themselves to influence developing world's by posing as gods. However, this has become somewhat of a business and now they compete for who gets what contract to which world. (Just a crazy idea I had but still needs fleshing out.)

Shadowrun - Still getting to know the new system, but I'm really digging the world. If later on down the line we have an opening and people feel like Sci-Fi I might be interested in running a full game.

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