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Moment of Clarity

MoC This is my system idea.

I have an even newer system idea that I got while watching Blood Diamond (sweet movie, btw). I was thinking of making it more based on cards, each player gets a finite number of them and is able to do other stuff based on the power level of the game, but to be really good at something you have to play a card. It would be extremely abstract and more 'MattSmithian' in that less stuff would be defined. As of now its just a twinkle in me eye, once I get a better idea of how to do it, Ill post something here so you jokers can lambaste it.

My GMing Manifesto

Here are my musings on what is the best way to run and/or participate in a game: GM Manifesto

Hey, even more! What I Have Learned About GMing

2013 Gaming Plans

Game Ideas


Exemplars: V3

Fantasy Game

Period Roleplaying

World of Darkness


Genre mish-mash


Morrow Project

Space Opera

Indiana Jones in Space

Kings and Pawns

Wotan Hates You

HP Lovecraft's American War of Independence



Multi-Tiered Gaming


My current characters are:

Ser Darys Blackstone

My previous characters are:



Silas Kennedy


Sam Hunter

Tristan Jones

Experimental Gaming Ideas

Here I will list the crazy ideas I dream up from time to time.

Main and supporting
Ka is a Wheel


What follows are my all time favorites, whether or not they have occurred with this group. Its just a record, but feel free to read and comment on them if you wish.

Walter of Marin
Olaf the Strong
Brikel Myrikand
The Tiger Eye Cameo of Ibn-al Azrad
Vengeance League
AAA Badass
Forged in Steel
Vlad D'Tempeste
Spider O'Malley

--BenofZongo 00:29, 19 October 2006 (MDT)How can Olaf mcsuckerson and brikel "son of olaf mcsuckerson" make the top eight at eight?! Your descriptions of them sound like they, well, you know, sucked. Just a nostalgia thing or were there deep, complex plot lines swirling beneath the surface?
--Jason 15:25, 19 October 2006 (MDT)Nostalgia. Brikel was great, I had as much fun with him in 2 or 3 sessions and I normally get from a whole campaign. He was constantly preaching to the other players and had a giant set of religious strictures that made him a pain in the neck to the others. Olaf is totally just a nostalgic look at being in 5th grade again.

Gaming Genre Wishes

What follows are some ridiculous, useless lists of stuff I think would be good to see in genres of gaming. It doesnt mean I think they are the best or only way to do things, just what I currently think is a good idea. Feel free to tell me I am retarded. Because I am. Just not as much as Gabe.

Science Fiction-Genre
Post Apocalypse-Genre