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CHECK IT! I'm actually using this thing! :D And it only took about 1.5 years of coaxing.



Lucas Brandt - Guitarist from Seattle on vacation in New Orleans that ended up being unexpectedly extended (Crimson Bayou)

Parker LaCroix - Former lacrosse star injected with a serum that gave her special powers, unbeknownst to her (Emerald Twilight)

Fayth Wilson - Medical student in her last few semesters of residency thrust into being a combat medic when aliens invade (XCOM: Gray Dawn)

Layla Koyanagi - Captain of the Starship Niven (Star Trek: The Triangle Missions)

Previous (or on hiatus)

Isha Reese - Former US Army infantryman with a sordid history, currently getting by as a bartender (Exposure)

Charlotte St. Claire - Only child of a wealthy family with special gifts (Evergreen Initiative)

Celesta Langley - Chief Medical Officer aboard the USS Intrepid (Wagon Train to the Stars)

Assia - Wood elf war dancer (WH3)

Alexis Zane - Daeva classical musician and Beethoven's "Immortal Beloved" (Forged in Steel version 2.0)

Jacqueline Speirs - Gangrel punk vocalist new to Seattle and to Kindred (Seattle By Night)

Mai Tsuchiya - A shinto priestess who will discover powers as an elementalist (Saturday Champions)

Brianna Winters (Bree) - Psionic pilot (Indiana Jones in Space)

Caelyn - Elven outrider (The Tiger Eye Cameo of Ibn-al Azrad)

Ginger Russel (Ginny) - 9-year old girl with a special kinship with animals, especially her malamute, Tank (Innocents)

Lena - Young, heavily armed outcast with a protective older brother (Post-Holocaust Deadlands)

Kitty Malone (Jet) - Fallen track star turned vigilante speedster (Sound City Chronicles)

Alison McGee - Battlefield medic (Serenity Bebop)

Katrina Ruminova - Runaway from Ussura to escape an arranged marriage for the sake of a younger sister who was in love with her betrothed (7th Sea)

Miranda Valentine - Stoic gunslinger with a tragic past (Deadlands)

Melinda Neuman - Veterinarian whose brother was murdered (Sunday WoD)