Wotan Hates You

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I havent decided what exactly happens in this game, but the name sounded so rad I figured I had to make it, or at least make a page called this. Ill probably register the domain name and use it as a ranting blog ala Maddox, except cool.

Would this work?

I was thinking of a PVP rpg. I know its pretty much against the spirit of most games, but people love pvp online, why not in rpgs? The GM would give each player a goal, not necessarily the same one, and once the game begins, each tries to achieve it. There would need to be a mechanic for limiting players from dominating the GMs time, so maybe each player only gets so many secret meetings and they are limited temporally. Players could team up if they have compatible goals, or kill other PCs if they are so inclined. I dont know how well this would go over...